About Us

Duett Saddles was founded 15 years ago by its original owner, Nancy Temple. She found that there was a lack of saddles not only not wide enough for certain breeds, but none that were specifically designed with the wide horse in mind. She did an incredible job of designing a line of saddles for every riding discipline.

Duett saddles has quickly risen to the top in the wide horse saddle market. Our saddles are reasonably priced, high quality and beautifully designed. We continue to work on these designs, changing and modifying them, keeping our clients needs in mind. Our saddles are made in England by a manufacturer with years of experience in the industry, making saddles for a number of well established labels in Europe. Duett is a proprietary name and our saddles are only available through us, our dealers and sales reps.

Meet the new owners, Steve and Sheri Katz:

Steve Katz, DC is an Equine Chiropractor with over 25 years of experience. Early on in his career he realized that poor fitting saddles were the cause of so many of the back issues and biomechanical problems that he was seeing in the field. Steve has trained with some of the top veterinarians in the country. Wanting to gain more experience and knowledge with saddle fitting, he traveled to England and attended the Cumbria School of Saddlery and was trained by David May, a master saddler. He has also taken the Foundations course given by the Society of Master Saddlers from England. He brings to the table a genuine love and concern for horses and understands the value and benefit of a well fitting saddle from a Chiropractic standpoint. A horse will not perform to its full potential in a saddle that hinders or interferes with its movement.

Sheri Katz is the voice behind the emails, phone calls and social media posts. She stays behind the scenes taking care of inventory and office management. She will work with you, gathering all of the information we need before your saddle is shipped.

Our goal at Duett Saddlery is to ensure that you are comfortable in the saddle and your horse is comfortable underneath it. We want you to work together harmoniously, as a team of two….the perfect Duett!!