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The Fidelio is a comfortable, beautiful saddle at an amazing price. We invite you to try it!

The Fidelio is our newest model, featuring:

  • deep & soft seat
  • narrower twist than our other dressage models
  • billeting system with back billet on a sliding ring for greater stability on the horse
  • high quality leather
  • velcro knee blocks
  • heat molded knee pad shaped over block
  • gusseted, wool flocked panels as in our other dressage models

Our Fidelio model now comes in two types of panels, both wool flocked. In
addition to the regular, integrated panels which have been standard on this model,
we now also stock some Fidelios with “upswept” independent panels which follow
the curve of the tree a little more. These upswept panels are excellent for shortbacked
or curvy-backed horses, as they come up off the horse’s back a little more
quickly. Same lovely saddle–now, two choices in panels!
If we don’t have the seat/tree you need in stock, we can order it for you.

For seat sizes 19″ and larger add $100



5 reviews for Fidelio

  1. Barbara C. Schwenk

    I searched a long time for a saddle that my horse was comfortable wearing. He had had a back injury a couple of years ago. We think that is why he became so opinionated about saddles. I tried the Fidelio with a 36 mm tree. This saddle made both my horse and me very comfortable. I love that you can change the blocks to your liking, and the hoop tree is why I think my horse was so comfortable–it doesn’t dig into his shoulders. In fact, I can slide my hand under the front of the saddle even when I’m up on him. The quality of this saddle is excellent as well. I highly recommend Duett saddles.

    • DuettSaddlery

      Thank you so much for your comments!

  2. Amy Dutzmann

    I have had 3 of these saddles. Having Arabs and Con/Tb cross ponies I have had a very hard time finding a saddle to fit the wide shoulders and short backs. I also find it very comfortable and trail ride in it too.

  3. Susan Felix

    Love my Dressage Fidellio. I have a wide Fjord horse and he is a happy camper! Fits great and this is my 4th saddle! All my guys were happily fitted!

  4. Cynthia Steinmetz

    I had such a hard time finding a saddle that fit my short backed, no withers, chunky horse. This one works well. I trail ride but love the deep seat of a dressage saddle. The people at Duett were very easy to work with even though I am in SC and they are in MA. Highly recommend and a very reasonable price.

    • DuettSaddlery

      You were a pleasure to work with, Cynthia. Best of luck with your new Fidelio dressage saddle!

  5. Sarah Jordan

    I bought the Fidelio dressage saddle for my 2 Arabians. I love this saddle . It is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in. They were so easy to deal with also.

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