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This is one of our most popular All Purpose Saddles

  • brown smooth leather on flap for grip and security, which is flexible and breaks in easily
  • smooth, soft, brown knee pads
  • deep, immensely comfy seat and moderately large knee blocks for security
  • wool flocking for adjustability
  • crupper attachment on the wider trees
For seat sizes 19″ and larger add $100



6 reviews for Rondo

  1. Laura Khouri

    I have one for my beefy haflinger and we love it! So comfortable.

  2. Debbie

    I got this saddle for a Arabian and it is a very comfortable saddle for both my horse and myself. I feel very secure in it. It looks great and holds up very well.

  3. sandie sourek

    purchased this saddle a few months ago..i have tried many different ones and this one fits my appaloosa the best as per my saddle is so comfy,,…thanks again !!!!

  4. Erin Isaachsen

    THANK YOU for providing a high quality, reasonably priced saddle that fits both me AND my very wide and round draft cross mare. We were both instantly comfortable in this saddle, which is an extreme rarity! It is very stable on her back–other saddles I tried wanted to crawl forward or slip from side to side. For me, this saddle actually helps in maintaining a good position–shocker! 🙂 So happy I do not have to fight the saddle and can now concentrate on enjoying my ride.

  5. Idora Eisenhart

    I have a stocky Hafflinger that is hard to fit. Always had rolling saddle fit.Purchased the Rondo with your saddle fitting help and I have love it! It fits so secure. The seat is very comfortable for me and my Haffies back is happy too! Thank you for all your help.

  6. Diana Winter

    I am over the moon at how well this saddle fits both me and my Appaloosa mare! After months of trial and error with a bunch of different types of saddles I finally found out that my horse needed a hoop tree and Duett was one of the saddle brands who made them. It fits so well I don’t need any kind of pad to adjust anything-just a regular pad! The fitting experience was fantastic. The saddle feels super secure and balanced. I can’t say enough good things about it. Looking forward to lots of miles in it over the years!

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