The Tango was designed with three types of riders in mind:  those who both trail ride and school dressage, those who ride gaited horses and desire a long leg position, and those who want the comfort of the Companion trail model but in black with a straight flap.

Note: this saddle is a hybrid of the COMPANION TRAIL and is amazing for those horses described under the COMPANION TRAIL same padded seat for comfort on long rides same wide, weight bearing panels with a wide channel and a DRESSAGE straight flap to ride with a long leg flap slightly wider and slightly shorter than on our dressage models moveable block on velcro base for versatility in positioning

We ordered the Tango with no back D rings or crupper attachment, so that the saddle can be used in the dressage ring. However, our fitter and repair person can add D rings for a small fee

For seat sizes 19″ and larger add $100




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